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How To Create A Viral PR Campaign

PR is desired for many reasons, but most of all, for credibility. However, on the visibility and exposure front, a standard PR campaign doesn’t always get the buzz that it deserves. Online publications are saturated, other businesses and personal brands are running their own PR campaigns, and trying to stand out amongst the noise can make a significant PR investment feel like it’s barely generating enough clicks or interests to provide an ROI.

Sabrina Stocker, the cofounder of Two Comma PR used her creativity of storytelling and behavioral economics to create a viral campaign for her co-founded company, Shopping Slot. Shopping Slot centralizes the available online delivery slots to one main location, making it easier than ever to find companies that can actually deliver in the window you want. (...)


When company leaders sit down to strategize a PR campaign, they usually picture the best-case scenario for their business. What story angle would position them in the best light, how many customers will convert from the exposure, and what credibility they'll be able to garner as a result? While these are all objectives that should be defined, the best campaigns are modeled after previous ones that swept the nation (or, even the world). There's a blueprint for PR campaign success, and that blueprint is evident in the most successful PR campaigns that we can collectively remember.

The following are examples of successful campaigns that offer something we can learn from. Each of these campaigns succeeded for different reasons but at the heart of it was relatability, impact and the ability to solve a problem. These successes may spark ideas related to your own business as you strategize your upcoming campaign.


How the world does business has been turned on its head the past two years. These 50 top entrepreneurs are the people to watch and learn from to learn how they thrive in the digital economy.

The demand for remote work and automation with AI is growing, fueling the rise of innovations such as “decentralized finance” (DeFi) and NFTs. With new policies in place on major advertising platforms such as the

iOS 14 updates, established players in the space will be some of the most interesting people to watch in 2022 to see how they navigate their businesses during these uncertain times.

Vivienne Benitz from Two Comma PR Reveals 5 Common Public Relations Myths

When it comes to the world of business, image is everything. Public relations (PR) stands tall as the sentinel of that image – shaping perceptions, safeguarding reputations, and weaving vital relationships with stakeholders.

Yet, like shadows cast by a rising sun, misconceptions often obscure the real essence and potential of public relations, leaving entrepreneurs with untapped reservoirs of power at their disposal.

In the midst of swirling misinformation, who better to guide us through the maze than esteemed Public Relations expert Vivienne Benitz from
Two Comma PR?


Businesses use PR campaigns to establish brand identity, garner interest from consumers, and increase sales. The money invested in these campaigns should help enterprises reach larger audiences, grow, and make more profit through additional sales. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way. If a campaign doesn’t go viral, businesses don’t get the desired ROI.

One woman, Sabrina Stocker, knows what it takes to create a viral PR campaign that gets the attention it deserves. As the founder of Two Comma PR, Stocker used her expertise in the field, along with her knack for storytelling, to create a campaign for Shopping Slot, another company co-founded by Stocker. The idea behind Shopping Slot was to provide a platform that allowed consumers to see which companies could deliver products within their desired timeframe.

New website helps you find supermarket delivery slots if you’re struggling to get food delivered

Co-founded this year by former Apprentice candidate Sabrina Stocker, the website first asks users to type in their postcode.

The website will then scan nearby supermarkets to find out which delivery slots are available.

Once it’s finished checking, it’ll then bring up your results so you can see which retailer you can get groceries delivered from.

The website asks you to enter your email address to see the results, but you don’t have to do this.

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