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About Two Comma PR

Two Comma PR was born from demand. Forbes featured founder Sabrina, who scaled her software to 500,000 users just by using public relations, unheard of in the PR space. This created 3.1 million unique page views in 6 weeks.

Having now featured over 1500+ clients in over 5000+ publications, TV appearances, and podcasts, we create an ROI-driven approach to building your brand.

Working with publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg, and Apple News, we build your brand through the recognition of industry leader awards, articles, and interviews.

Sabrina Stocker

Sabrina is a tennis player turned Forbes Featured entrepreneur, international speaker, and presenter.

She had her first business at just 14 years of age and was the youngest finalist in her year of the BBC One The Apprentice Show.

She launched her software and reached 350,000 subscribers in just 6 weeks, using the power of the media - faster than the growth of Facebook.

And as a result, she now helps other brands become a household names in their industry, be featured on TV, and in the media…

Vivienne Benitz

Vivi is an expert in public relations, strategic brand creation, and business communication.

With over 1000+ curated public relations strategies for CEOs and entrepreneurs, she has helped businesses scale their brands and optimize their digital presence.

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs find their voice and increase the visibility and profits of their businesses through marketing and PR.

Vivi's passion for public relations and leadership has led her to work with international companies and business owners, advising them on their content, communication strategies, and business operations.

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